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Bernco is a full service construction organization that operates based on a three-point strategy.

Client Driven

The basic strategies that drive Bernco are the result of the founder’s personal experience as a client for 22 years. Bernco and all of its staff members believe that a client not only expects dependable service but is entitled to service that meets or exceeds their expectations. This basic Client Driven attitude shapes the many decisions made throughout the life of a project. Client Driven also means that the client has an advocate as well as a manager to deliver the project and to ensure the client’s best interests.


The concept of Partnering is not new. However, Partnering as a result of a Client Driven philosophy is innovative .Every project awarded to Bernco undergoes an in-depth analysis to assign the right people to the right client. This analysis by Bernco and the client helps to ensure that the partnership between the client and Bernco is mutually beneficial. Every project team is assembled based on the knowledge, experience, and capabilities that they can bring to that project. This attitude reinforces our Client Driven philosophy and encourages the Bernco Project Manager to take responsibility as if each building were his own.

Client Confidence

The construction process with all of its complications is a difficult process. At Bernco we want this process and its complications to be as enjoyable as possible for all parties. The final result should be a sense of pride and accomplishment. This is what we call Client Confidence. Client Confidence is a hard-earned reward for Bernco that leads to long-term relationships and repeat business. For our clients the reward is a project that they are proud of and happy with.